DeeTrueStory goes to the Bahamas

My fiance and I, after 8 years of planning it in our heads, finally were able to go on a Cruise.  First day we walk around, get our drink on, sight see, we’re happy.  Out of the blue, I get a terrible headache (now I’m mad because all I wanted were perfect days) but continue and try to make the best of it.  I honestly had more fun through the eyes of my loved one.  I love seeing him in ‘relaxed mode’, singing, dancing and truly just being him.  At around 5 am (literally two hours after we went to sleep) alarms go off and a voice says: “Attention, attention man overboard”… I immediately start panicking.  I am a known worrier so I start thinking: What happened? Was the person with someone? Is he here with family? Does the family know? Will he be rescued? etc. etc.  From that moment on, every 15-20 minutes we got updates of where were we, how many rescue boats were coming and that the family was made aware.  Billy and I decided to get up and eat (in order to try and stop the thinking)… but it was kind of impossible.  Everyone was looking out into the ocean, everyone looked worried, everyone was walking around like zombies.  It got me into a deep thinking zone all day.

Finally around 5 pm we arrived at the Bahamas.  We decided to venture out to the great Atlantis.  Wow!  Just WOW!  It really is like another world in there.  The Aquarium is a dream.  We saw fishes bigger than me!  I had no clue fishes could be this big.  I started to think about how much of God’s creation are we oblivious to?  How many things do we miss out on? “Lord please take care of that man and give strength to his family…”

We kept walking around and went over to beach.  The beach for me has always been a place to heal.  A place where I wonder and wander, where I’m happy, a place where you can let loose and mostly everyone are themselves.  As we found a spot to sit and glance at the sea, I started to think about how blessed I am.  Billy was at peace.  His breath became my mantra; his eyes my sight for the day.  How is it possible that God gave us our chance again and this time forever?  We continued writing on the sand, listening to music, being us.

A couple of hours later, a mother walks over to the shore along with her three children.  They looked happy.  They also were at peace.  The kids started to play with the water.  The mother stayed gazing at them from the sand.  I could see that she also felt that she was blessed.  She was grinning from ear to ear and it all looked like a masterpiece from our “bubble spot”.  Suddenly I felt a tear run down my cheek.

Life is a great big circle, a cycle…  The morning may awake you with news that you may not want to hear.  Your day may bring loss, sadness, worry.  However, at the end of the day, every moment that we have is a blessing!  Every minute should and must be cherished because we never know what the dawn may bring.  Everyday should be like a trip to the Bahamas.

Rest in Peace Reco Scott and may God give tranquility to your loved ones…


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