Nirvana’s Ever

Today is a special day… it marks 8 years of the decision of getting to know someone in all (and different) aspects.  Never did I imagine the “roller-coaster” of emotions, experiences, break-ups, love, re-kindle, adventures that we would have.  You are the love of my life and this time we are together because God showed us the way back to love…  and if He is our guide, who can come before us but Him? This is for you!


We caught the magic, we found the forever.  Somehow we ended up where it all began; not knowing where it will go.  But, does it matter?

We trapped the storm.  It is in our favor.  It’s whimsical, it’s embracing.  The clouds are clear and the mist is refreshing.

Nirvana Evermore.  We now know what back then we ignored and forever will live for the rush.  Nirvana is ours.  Ever is our time.  More is just what we need…

My love, don’t forget the fantasy… This is what brings us back.  I won’t forget the heaven in your eyes… This is what keeps me home.

Here, in our Nirvana.  Just you and Me… Evermore.


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