The Brunch that Changed Our Lives

I’ve always enjoyed writing.  To me writing is like music; it transports you into different directions.  It is like that fine wine in which you allow yourself to un-wine (pun intended)…

I started writing at a young age.  I was about 5-6 years old when I wrote my first short story.  It was dark and to this day I have no clue how I was capable of even writing a piece like that.  It was a combination of “Bloody Mary” and “Ouija Board” #WTF.  Meanwhile I’m chicken shit.  I’m afraid of: scary movies, series, afraid of the dark, sleeping by myself, Chucky etc.  Anyways, at that moment, I remember, there were rumors in school about people playing these games and kids getting scars, visits from ghosts and what not.  So, I decided that I would combine these two and go all Edgar Allan Poe on these kids!  I even ended up winning an award for it in my schools district! So I guess that this how I started to write about my thoughts, peoples stories and from my point of view…

From there on out, there were several moments (in school) that life indicated that I would (or should) become a writer… however I was being told differently.  I was told that I couldn’t make a living off of writing and then decided it would be just a hobby.  Then I got into dancing (so much passion).  “Nobody lives well from that”.  Started singing (loved it).  “It’s such a hard industry and you are not good enough”.  Got myself into acting (liberating).  “Acting is way too competitive and you are starting at an older age, it won’t get you anywhere”.  And this folks is how all of the things I wanted for myself, remained just dreams and hopes.Hopes with no actions.

After college, I never auditioned for anything, never sent out my writings to anyone…  Dreams crushed by the frustrations of others.  The others that couldn’t make it and told me I wouldn’t either.  I was so naive to fall for that.  I let myself fall because others couldn’t fly.  Couldn’t or wouldn’t?

We live so afraid of what “the others” will say, think or do that we end up believing the same things they do and take their word for it.  I didn’t have the courage to pursue my dreams and I let them down.  Shoved them into the comfort zone of only being hobbies.

This is why I am and will always be an advocate of doing whatever the hell you want! Not so long ago, I went to brunch with two friends and we spoke about exactly this.  Having the capability of being awesome or loving something that we know we will be good at and letting that spark die because of what my parents, friends or others will say.  All three of us, passionate about creating (in our own way: acting, writing, hair and makeup) and held hostage of the unfortunate thought that ART is not good enough.  I am here to tell you that without art there is no music, concerts, books, movies, buildings, newspaper, jewelry, clothing … Without art… I choose to not even think about it.

You are good enough, you have a calling.  Art is good enough, your dreams are ENOUGH! We ultimately have the will power within us.  You are the person responsible for empowering yourself! You are the light that should come into peoples darkness… You are the change!

What’s your passion? What drives you? Will you feed your hopes and move with action? Will you continue to stay still or will you be those three girls that went to brunch and decided to change their lives?


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