By the Ear…

Today as I was speaking to a friend, she gave me a genius phrase.  Some words that were gifted to her some time ago.  How do women fall in love? To what a lady responds: “women get screwed by the ear…” What? When I heard this I almost died laughing, then again, those simple words carried so much truth.

Women get screwed by the ear.  When I say screw, I literally mean getting into our pants.  Moving on.  We die to hear the flirting games, the pick up lines, the ego boosting.  We love listening about how you are planning to conquer us, the ingenuity you’re going to bring in order to be that prince charming we have been dreaming about and then, somehow/someway capture us like a Pokemon.  We literally fall for it and any woman that says the opposite is lying.  Sooner or later, what a man says to our ear matters to all of us.  It ends up determining our lives for the next up coming season.

So, how to you keep us in love?  Here is where the season either revolutionizes or ends.  Talking at the beginning is easy.  Any Alpha Dog can do it with two or three words.  Unfortunately, we are easily seduced to that part of the trap because we love it as much as men do.  Guys are moved by the game and the adrenaline of captivating the creature.  Women are moved by watching you guys come up with a game plan and seeing what else you are bringing to the plate.  Now, when we have already been conquered, that’s when the real work comes to play.  This is the moment where many men decide on changing seasons instead of working on the one they have.  Here is when we start bickering, asking and demanding.  We bicker because the prince promised castles and carriages.  We ask for  the attention you gave us at the beginning, before we fell in the rabbit hole.  We demand for you to want to screw us by the ear and that you continue to praise us like when everything started.

Men: remember what you said and act on it.  You can continue to have the woman you imagined if you keep wanting her, if your passionate, if you keep up the gestures; but please note.  We treasure the bare minimum and the smallest of details… something as simply opening the car door, bringing the flower that we told you we liked, hearing that song that you may not like but we are obsessed about.  These are the simple things that deep down inside we desire.

Women: be selective with the words that you choose to fall for.  You heard them, you memorized them and replay them all day.  Now, the guy also told you what he wanted in a female.  He spoke to you about the lady he was looking for and the girl of his dreams.  He found her in you! Be that girl!  Evolve together, hang out with each other, go drinking… dress for him once in a while, shave your damn legs, keep flirting.

But folks keep in mind: nor the ear or vision stay in love if you don’t add new words or give the eyes new sight.  If you don’t argument, if you stop being smart, if you stop pleasing her.  If she stops putting on that perfume that drives you crazy, if she stops making herself interesting and she doesn’t try new ways to spark up that fire…  Girl, let him screw you! Enjoy that moment without forgetting that you also need to look out for him and let him take you by the ear, but remember my friend, that words are just that.


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