Utopian Nebulosity

It was an infinity of desire, of looks.  An enigma, the imaginary… an idea.  Maybe a dream, the longing for that something that is just like Utopia.

It’s what we let escape, like a balloon in a child’s hand.  That perfect fantasy that we created but never deemed necessary to speak out loud about.  In a sense, both of us knew what the other thought.  Words were not needed; our pupils were leading our conversations.

Till at last our souls crashed!  They lit up like candles in middle of the dark.  It was a spark, fire that didn’t want to be extinguished.  Stars that didn’t want to escape (shoot) even though they knew they were free.

And they burst! Our bodies,souls, thoughts, desires, lips: they burst!

Until we descended from that instant magic.  We came down because we live in reality.  We are destined to live in the present, not in the never ever of perfection.

Until we returned to that distance of promises and secrets.  And once again we become covered by the fogginess of uncertainty and Utopia.


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