The Mystery of a Selfie

At the moment I was writing this, I was on a plane on my way home (Puerto Rico yaaas!) and I noticed this lady “trying” to take a selfie.  I’m saying “trying” and you’ll see why.OK to the point.  A selfie we all should know by now, is a picture that you capture of yourself; we all know what it is, we all take selfies.  I don’t care how old you are, where you from, your level of technology knowledge etc.

Now a days, the infamous selfies are seen as a hipster trend… Why?  I have been taking “selfies” since before digital cameras came into the world! (and I’m pretty sure that most of you too).  However, now it’s cool but apparently not really (yes I will get to the point).  The difference from then and now relies on the fact of having an actual term for it.  So that’s what makes it trendy: the flipping terminology.

So, what makes a selfie not cool? Taking the damn selfie!  Yup… and we all know it and have acknowledged or passed judgement at some point.  For some odd reason, we feel judged.  WTF? Here is where the lady on the plane comes in.

Lady on the plane is apparently bored.  No WIFI, no book, “nobody” to talk to… but all of this because we have this co-dependence of having our phones and feel sort of naked when we don’t have them in working mode.  Anyways, shes looking at her phone (yeah as I write this down I realize  I’ve been looking at her for a while/observing/acquiring inspiration from my muse of the day) she decides to turn on  her front camera.  IDK if you guys have ever seen a raccoon/squirrel/criminal on their way into action , but this is how it goes.  They stay attentive, they look from side to side, they look around their surroundings and almost create a perimeter ,if you will,  as they move onto their objective.  Well “selfiers” (maybe not a term-not quite sure-to me it is the person taking selfies) do the same rituals.

We look and make sure nobody is watching, we double check and when we feel safe, we take that pic.  It’s kind of like a feeling of self-consciousness.  Why?  If we all take the damn shits, why do we feel this way?  On the other hand, all of a sudden, if we take a group selfie it’s OK.  Is it because we have this underline want/need of acceptance? Can we not be selfish? (no pun intended).  Can we not do things for ourselves?

It will remain to be a mystery…  #truestory


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