Everything Must Go

Expiration dates… inevitable to suppress.  Yesterday, today, tomorrow; each day is equally expired.  It’s a timezone that we can’t escape…  A ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

We wait, we look out for it.  We are happy, mad, sad about it.  Cause the truth is, that some of those dates expire for the best and for the worst.  Good relationships expire and so do the bad ones.  Life expires and death does the same (here is where birth comes into place). We live to die and we wait to die to want to live.  Who could understand?

Food expires, flowers unite.  The water that rivers carry will soon do so; and they shall never be the same.  We shall all form part in the great big world of expiration and rebirth.

We are with the food, the flowers, the rivers and life…  We didn’t escape, our Creator waited for the precise moment.  Just like the Cherry Blossom waited to bloom and give beauty.  We are beauty!

We are something beautiful that will not last long.  We just wake up and give thanks for the moment being, without acknowledging this great big fact.  EVERYTHING MUST GO…  Like a store on Clearance…

Everything Must Go!


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