Enemy in the Times of Peace

Being an enemy in the times of peace: pleasure.  Bomb the field that has been guarded for a while now, and find out, that it was easier than what you thought.

You prepare a perimeter full of observation and with all possible certainty, you construct it around your objective.

Boom!  Adverse explosions, tangible explosions… MMMmmm… Explosions!

You win the small written text battles, that in the long run,  only express repressed desires. They are being repressed by the toxic gases, by the corrosion of time, by the lack of time. The time that you need in order to reach the target.

Would it be possible to win the war?  Incalculable!  Trick that was pulled from under the sleeve: circle the enemy; maintain him alert.

Pleasure:  old/new trick that has been learned  by the soldier.  Hunting down the enemy I become the enemy in the times of peace… and I decide to win the small, simple battles.

The war?  Let her win it for me.


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