We do it Better

My older brother was working the other day and noticed something.  He texts us (my siblings and I): “Joke of the day, my partner (since he is a detective and was on the job) is clearly Asian and I’m clearly Hispanic.  So how is it that all Asian tourists that have walked past us came to me if they had questions and all Hispanics went to my partner?”  To what I answered: “it just goes to show you that us humans don’t trust our own race”.

This really  got me thinking…

Then on Friday, because of the Olympics, something happened to an athlete that is representing Puerto Rico.  Another athlete (from Puerto Rico BTW) that once represented USA, got offended (or just randomly decided to lash out) to the fact that Jaime Espinal (a Dominican by born nationality) was whom carried the Puerto Rican flag at the Open Ceremony.  Now, was Gigi Fernandez (athlete stirring up the pot) wrong or was she just projecting because of comments that were said when she represented another country that was not her born nationality?  Was her timing adequate? No.  Should she be bringing this up after so many years on social media, taking away from Espinal’s moment like Kanye did to Taylor? Absolutely not.  Was she hurt and saw this as a double standard? Possibly Yes!

The cherry on top of the whip cream?  Many people accused her of xenophobia.  Just because she didn’t choose her timing or words correctly: xenophobia.  Cause we live in a society in which we must label and exaggerate everything!  However, it’s not xenophobic when we say jokes about other races or countries.  That’s just us kidding around and being funny.  We are not xenophobic when we lash out at another race our country because they beat our boxer or beat our team at any other sport… that’s just us being proud and defending our own.

We unite for so many things, not always for the positive, and then we throw shade on our own for so many other things.  We don’t trust our own race and see as saviors or heroes the ones that don’t look like us.  We are so afraid of being proud and owning our nationality but then the second that somebody says something about us (and is not from where we are) we get offended.

We don’t trust our own people…  We don’t allow others to mess with our people or make fun of where we come from or who we are…  We prefer to offend and talk shit about our own people…  We love the double standards… I guess we just do it better!



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