Me Facing Her

What do you think about when you stare at the moon?  Do you talk to her?  Does she make you think of me?  Does she know about me?

Her and I, have changing phases.  Phases that make us grow and others in which we have already met our climax.  How about you?  Are you ready to love these phases?

Perhaps when you see the moon, you’re capable of talking about how you feel.  Moon is my friend, my confident, whom reminds me that there will be another night…  Will there be another night for you?

I must confess;  I do think about you and I talk to her about us…  She hits me with the cruel reality and says: “calm down there will be other nights…”  to which I desperately ask: “for what?!  what will happen?!” and she just mesmerizes in silence.  It’s not her place to answer.

And so, there you have me: with the same questions; and how about you?  Do you talk to the moon about me?

And on phases change for some other night…


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