Voting for Babies Rights:

So many things have been going on yet I couldn’t find inspiration to write about anything meaningful.  Generally, I am moved by injustice, personal shit/experiences… I could talk about politics but who has time for that?  Up till day that I was thinking about last year…

My friend and mother to one of my goddaughters (that is now a little over a year old) just one month after giving birth, had to go back to work.  Obviously she was devastated.  This had me thinking (yeah I do think sometimes)… How outrageous that she basically just brought into this world her first bundle of joy and she already has to give her up!  How is it such a national issue, when Sea World separated baby “Shamu” from it’s mother but yet when a woman has to be separated from her child after just one month, it remains unheard of?

Then again, why is it that so many mothers in the United States have to do so?  Well, its because the U.S. is one in 3 industrialized countries that do not pay for maternity leave. Granted, their are some companies that pay out a percentage of your salary for certain amount of weeks but still that’s a minority.  This means that the middle class working community is not (technically) built to bring babies into this world.

FYI Donald Trump: Mexico has an awesome paid maternity leave policy: On average they offer up to 84 days with 100% pay (Source from the International Labour Organzation from the Huffington Post).  I hope you all understand why I mention him directly…

Moving on, so we want better parents.  We want children to grow up and be raised by their parents.  We critique those whom decide on hiring a nanny/babysitter but truth of the matter is that in today’s society it is a necessity.  If you are fortunate enough to have a parent that can take care of your daughter/son its a miracle.

So I vote for fathers and mothers to be home with their newborn!  To be present for what is and will be the base and foundation of the growth and development of our future society.

I vote for babies to stay home with their nursing mommies…

My name is Dyandra and I approve this message.


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