Open Script

The curtain rises and its not for a joke…  I’m illuminated by the brightness of the spot light of my uncertain sunrise as I prepare myself to go onstage.

In this theater, everything must be perfect;  rehearsed.  My play?  My play is practically a five star (as far as the audience knows)… Because we all know that acting comes before the leading role of being yourself.

Am I a leading role in my play?  Ha!  I don’t even know the solution to that formula.  I let myself be influenced by the “extras”, by the male leads, by the props… While I think about a “Don Juan” that would share the stage by my side.  But, I run to the stagehand; because hes simple, mysterious, he’s, he’s…  He’s an enigma that everyone knows exists but no one knows his identity.

I’m frightened by the backstage of my eyes.  I prefer to go onstage, to the acting, to acting to be whom I wish I was, to be what I don’t have… Assuming the role of someone else    (maybe yours); I steal your part because I am afraid of my own role, the one I was meant to be.

Afraid of the critiques of my performance, afraid of being the role (that in reality) I am dying to be.  I’m afraid I shouldn’t stop reading the script because I’m terrified of forgetting it and leaving the actress to improv in life.  Improvise at being herself so she can gain the guts of being the Director.

Director of the play that she only knows, the one she wrote that talks about finding a new actress.  Actress with the will power of being a leading lady…

Auditions for new talent for Theatrical Improv of an Open Script!


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