The Relativity Theory

Relativity is a good but dangerous thing.  Like Icy/Hot, get it? Depends where you put it and how you use it…  What something means to you not necessarily means the same to me.  Whatever you define as being drunk, to me it probably means your tipsy.  I think it’s great that diversity of opinions and thoughts exist…but… it’s dangerous.  It’s dangerous to think that what I believe and think may or may not be reality.

Recently, I have seen this in many ways and its bizarre! Crazy I tell you! It blows my mind how alike and yet how different people can be/think.  To better explain let’s proceed to the show and tell portion of this section.

Exhibit A: You have a “friend”.  This one has been your ride or die.  One of your go-to-peeps.  You meet a guy.  You really like this one, you have an awesome feeling about him. Obviously you tell your “friend”.  She thinks hes ugly, that you can do better etc.  You end up marrying this fella and even though she did not ever support your relationship you invite her because DUH shes your pal.  Then you hear through the grape vine about how she was trash talking all this time… #WTF

Friendship is relative.  Who you think you know, how much you know, how invested you or the other half of the math, is in this type of relationship because it’s: Relative.

Relativity is defined as: the absence of standards of absolute and universal application.

The absence of standards…Friendships, family, beauty are all part of this absence of standards.  Like a loose cannon.  Someone can shoot that cannon ball and aim to where he/she thinks it’s going but it’s a Relativity Theory because so many factors come into place: wind, aim, training… The time and effort that I put into any of my relationships is mine.  This I leave in the hands, minds and souls of someone else… hoping for the best. Hoping that it will mean to that other human the same.  Although, I now posses the cruel and dangerous knowledge that everything is relative.

What will you do with this thought?

Me? I have seen many comes and goes for the past two years; every time it hurts a little less and I learn a bit more from this nice theory.



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