Foot Prints of the Tide

Paradise reflection of the sun, reflection…                                                                                             To take a seat and deposit your thoughts in the urn of the ocean.                                                 The ocean that never allows you to be                                                                                         caressed by the same wave: always different.

Sand that sometimes bothers, sand where I feel footprints,  footprints maybe from the less “valuable” and from the most “important”.                                                                           Who decides that? That’s a topic of conversation for another time: today?                       Paradise!

Promised land that will only save those whom are saints…?                                                          To me paradise is: sun rays, sand, ocean (never the same), footprints.                                   The most important footprints?                                                                                                           Those who share this paradise with me.                                                                                         Those that, with just one smile, illuminate the darkness in my beach.                                   Beach that feels like a Deserted Island,                                                                                                   beach that feels misunderstood, not lived, not touched.

A place, where many footprints live but, not necessarily, come out being the most important ones.  Ever changing….

Discover the beach that has been visited!                                                                                       Unveil this beach; that has footprints that have not been erased by the ocean…               because here I discovered, that their are footprints that become engraved like they would have been printed on stone.

Paradise is what makes the beach happy.                                                                                           Beach of life that everyone who is reading… must pass through.


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